Postpartum Care

Natural Birth Postpartum Care

Care and support are provided for you until 6 weeks after the birth. Your midwife will be available 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Before the birth, we will discuss all that you need for your postpartum so you can prepare for a smooth recovery. 

After delivery, the midwife will be available for in home visits so you can remain in the comfort of home while you nest with your newborn. Heart screening is also done for the newborn in home. In addition, breastfeeding support is provided. 

We collaborate with your pediatrician and provide a pediatric referral so that baby can be evaluated by the pediatrician of your choice. 

If for any reason you have a in hospital birth, postpartum care is provided.

If you should need additional support, we will provide resources to support you during your postpartum.