Keeping Birth Safe and Sacred

Masden Midwifery aims to improve birth outcomes for women of Acadiana. Whether you are delivering at home, in a birth center, or at a hospital, our goal is to improve birth outcomes and improve the birth experience for families.

  • We believe women birth best where they are most comfortable.

  • Masden Midwifery uses evidence based skills through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with dedication to providing quality care for healthy mothers and babies.

  • Guiding women through health and wellness during pregnancy is a main focus to create a foundation for a joyful birth experience.

  • Education and support provide the framework for informed consent so you can feel empowered in making informed decisions for self-directed, personalized care in pregnancy and postpartum.

A note from the owner:

I created Masden Midwifery, LLC from a passion to provide better birth experiences and better birth outcomes for families of Acadiana. I believe women have the right to full informed consent and body autonomy. They deserve quality care that meets their individual needs. Birth is a normal, healthy process that can empower women. The joy found in the journey through birth can be shared with their family. I believe this care can build a stronger community.