Birth Services

Be Empowered


Masden means "mother's den".  Birth is best where mothers feel safe. In the comfort of home you are empowered and can labor with support and encouragement from your midwife.


Feeling supported is so important during labor and birth. We highly recommend hiring a doula. We offer many resources so that you can find the right doula for you.  

Hydrotherapy is amazing and we support your choice for water labor and birth. If you desire a pool for labor, one will be brought to you!

Position changes and movement help with comfort and we encourage it! You can birth in whatever position you feel best!

Nourishing your body and staying hydrated is crucial to experiencing a great birth. We encourage you to eat, drink!

Mother's need to be heard during birth.  Emotional support and encouragement are offered. Be empowered by your birth. 

Other comfort measures include music, aromatherapy, bio-feedback, and much more.


Oh sweet baby! 

When baby arrives, you will be the first to hold your baby skin to skin. The "golden hour" is honored and valued as a sacred. It is a special time for bonding and soaking in the joys of the new arrival. A full newborn exam is provided right at your side so you don't miss a moment.


The midwife and birth team maintains Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Neonatal Resuscitation. 

In addition to midwifery training,  your midwife has years of experience and skills in handling emergencies. Plans are in place to handle emergency situations. 

At each birth, the midwife will have necessary emergency equipment on hand to address an emergency, should it arise.


Masden Midwifery believes in teamwork. That's why we provide education and connect you with a variety of resources for all your birth needs, including: