Monitrice Services

Support for Planned Hospital Birth

What is a Monitrice?

A Monitrice is a trained midwife who provides labor support for families planning a hospital birth. A Monitrice may offer additional support and midwifery skills prior to going to the hospital.

Once admitted to the hospital, the role of the Monitrice shifts to that of a Birth Doula.

Why hire a Monitrice?

Families will hire a monitrice when there are special circumstances, such as planning a vaginal birth after a cesarean or in response to a previous birth trauma.

A Monitrice can provide additional support using midwifery skills and assessment for mother and baby prior to leaving for the hospital. In the hospital setting, a Monitrice will have the role of Birth Doula. A monitrice can provide:

  • Emotional support in labor

  • Comfort measures: Position changes, hip squeezes, counter pressure and labor massage

  • Provide informational support to help you make informed decision

  • Improve communication with your health care provider

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What a Monitrice is NOT...

A Monitrice will NOT act as a primary care provider, and does not provide prenatal, home birth, postpartum, or newborn care in the same manner as a Midwife.

A Monitrice will NOT deliver your baby.

The primary care physician must be notified if you plan to use Monitrice services before entering the hospital. The primary care physician will deliver the baby in the hospital.

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